About Goa. General information and FAQ.

Area size

3 702 squire kilometers


Goa is located on the western coast of India and borders with the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka


1 169 793 people (census of population of 1991)

Altitude above the sea level

from 0 to 1 022 meters above the sea levelметров над уровнем моря


Goa is located in tropical climate zone and has the temperatures of +30-37 o C in summer and +20 o C in winter.

Rainfall amount

The rainfall amount is maximum 3 300 mm (from June till September; the average annual rainfall is from 770 mm to 1 100 mm.

What to dress in Goa?

The light cotton garment is the most suitable type of clothing for Goa during the year. The light wool clothing will probably be needed in winter for night walks or going out in the evenings.


Konkani, Hindi, Marathi, English and Portuguese


Panaji ( theformer name — Panajim)


The Dabolim International Airport

Tourist season

During the year. The monsoon lasts from June till September.


1. Which forms I will need to fulfill on arrival to Goa?

On arrival to Goa you will need to fulfill 2 different forms. For more information, please, check up the Additional Information page.

2. What time of the year is the best for travelling to Goa?

Strong rains in Goa are starting in June and last till the beginning of August. The best time for travelling to Goa is the period from the middle of August till the end of April.

By the way, the prices for accommodation in high touristic season rise up by several times.

3. Where I can read more about Goa and India?

For reading more interesting and useful information about Goa and India see on the IndiaMike website.

4. Do I need any license for scooter driving?

Yes, you need. If you have the driving license you can show it. The driving license of any category is considered as a category for motorbike or scooter driving.

Note: if the Police officer is trying to stop you, keep in mind that this could be a usual blackmail. It is better not to stop and continue your way.

In a case you were stopped by the Police it is better to say that the motorbike/scooter belongs to your friend who gave you it to drive a little. Show the Police the driving license you have and stay cool. DO NOT call anyone and ague with Police officer – it is better to play the problem by ear. However we strongly recommend you to follow the simple rules of safety and obey the traffic regulations: wear the brain bucket, take your driving license and documents relating to the motorbike/scooter with you before taking to the wheel and do not drive too much fast. It should be mentioned that Indians are driving not so good.

5. Is it true that I can extend my six-month visa not leaving the territory of Goa?

Unfortunately, no. At the present moment you can apply for 3 months validity visa only with the further flight to the neighboring country.

6. Where can I find the cheapest plane tickets?

Actually, everything depends on the time of the year you are planning to travel to Goa. All necessary information about the plane tickets you may find in any travel agency in your city.

However, here are some websites where you can book cheap plane tickets:




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